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Top Reasons Why Elementor is Popular Over Other Page Builders 2023


Why Elementor is Popular

Elementor is a buzz for any WordPress enthusiast. It brings a whole new era for the WordPress community. Currently, it’s powering over 5 million websites! Have you ever counted, why Elementor is so popular? What are the top reasons behind the ancient popularity of Elementor page builder?

If yes, this blog is perfect for you! If not, still you should give it a read. You will learn some exclusive information that can open up your thinking! Who knows, maybe tomorrow you will install Elementor for the first time. Or it can be the last time too! We will not work through the Elementor’s birth history in this blog. Straight to the top reasons why Elementor is popular over other page builders in 2023!

I worked in the WordPress area before Elementor came into the market. I started with Visual Composer then WPBakery. In those days many many similar page builder comes and goes like King Composer, WP Page Builder, etc.  Then finally Elementor comes and the new era of WordPress started.

I have experience working with all of them so I am assuring that you will get genuine information from this blog.

No Code Solutions

Building a full-featured website without any coding or programming skills! That’s possible with Elementor page builder. You can start your own web development agency today with the help of Elementor. It offers powerful and flexible customization options with its user-friendly ‘drag and drop’ interface. All you need to do is edit your page in Elementor, pick any element you like from the ‘ELEMENTS’ tab in the Elementor Editor, then drag and drop it anywhere on your page.

Full Site Editing Option

Earlier to Elementor we have some other page builders. The pain point was there to edit the site page by page. So, if you want to change anything in the full site, you would need to browse every page and edit the part. For a single-page website, it’s fine. But think about a website that has 100+ pages. Hilarious!

Elementor brings the solutions. You can edit the whole site from the panel. You have widgets that you can drag and drop to add anything to the page. You can create the whole page depending on your needs. No need to go to all the pages and update the specific part. Elementor makes it easy and saves hours of manual work.

Theme Builder

You can build the whole theme with Elementor. And the best part is, you can save the theme and use it on any other domain. Here, you will need not do any single line code. From nobles to experts can build their own theme with the help of Elementor page builder. This is one reason that makes Elementor popular over other page builders.

Creating a menu, sub-menu, and mega menu required a lots of technical work. Especially for mega menu and menu stylization, anyone will need a week to a month. Think about an eCommerce website without a mega menu. Or you can think of it with a small footer. You can not think this way nowadays. Earlier than in Elementor days, it was very common.

Elementor has a header builder and a footer builder. It allows you to build a website header, menu, and mega menu and give them the style that you can imagine. You can create a footer with Elementor. The footer can have multiple widgets and elements. Header and footer builder makes it easy to grow eCommerce website sales. This is why the Elementor header footer become one of the top reasons to bring popularity.

Advanced Features

Once my colleague asked me, “why should I use Elementor when I love Gutenberg?” I did not reply but instead asked him to build a basic home page for his upcoming website. After a week, he was back and asked me, which is the best resource for Elementor. (He was convinced! Making a beautiful layout without Elementor required a lot of effort.)

With Elementor, you can copy-paste anything, you have cross domain copy-paste option. You can add animation, slider, conditional content, loop, and whatnot. Anything that you need, chances are high that Elemetor already has that. The advanced features are the reason why Elemetor is so a popular page builder.

Mobile Editing Option

According to Stat Counter, 59.81% of web traffic comes from mobile phones. It’s extremely important to build a mobile-friendly responsive website. WordPress is by default responsive. But with Elementor, you can do even better. You can optimize the mobile look of your website. You can add conditional content, and add/delete elements for mobile view. In similar ways, you can optimize other device widths too.

Pre-made Template

Elementor’s pre-made template made it easy for many developer’s life. Anyone who wants to build a website from sketch can import a similar layout and update content. And you will be happy to know, all kinds of pre-made templates are available at Elementor. No matter what kind of niche website you are building, Elementor has a pre-built template. You can also use pre-made widgets to build any specific part of your website.

You can see both free and premium Elementor pre-made templates in different marketplaces. There are multiple plugins available in the WordPress directory that provide Elementor templates. Elementor template is another reason why Elementor is so popular.

Themes and Plugin Compatibility

Elementor support most of themes and plugin. If you have a theme, chances are high, Elementor has the option to make it better. You need not worry about compatibility. Build a complete feature full website without thinking about any conflict. This is why Elementor become popular.

Multilingual and RTL Support

Are you working for your local community? So you need a website that supports your language. Guess what, Elementor is multilingual. You can give your visitors the freedom to read your website content in their mother language. As Elementor supports RTL too, you can build an RTL language-supported website. This is another reason why Elementor is so a popular plugin.

Elementor Addons

If you are searching for why Elementor is so popular, then Elementor Addons are one important reason. There are over 40+ dedicated Elemetor Addons, 10+ Elementor WooCommerce Addons, Woooplugin and tons of other Elementor Addons available. The number of addons is growing. 3 Elementor Addons have over 1M active installations. Can you imagine, how popular they are?

Basically, Elementor Addons extends the feature and functionality of the core Elementor plugin. They also offer huge numbers of pre-build templates and widgets for users. With the popular Elementor Addons like ElementsKit, many websites are already powering their website worldwide.

Elementor Community

Elementor has a great community around the globe. You can often notice some short Elementor meetups going on while you are reading this blog. The fans of this plugin growing day by day from the meetups. Many new designers, developers, and marketers know about it from the community.

You can see a lot of tutorials, blogs, and videos about Elementor. Elementor is one of the page builders that has the highest tutorial and review videos on different platforms. If you want to learn, you have tons of resources available. If you want to build a business, you have the same options. If you just love the plugin, the rest you can find from the community of Elementor.


Elementor is an effective instrument for creating your next website — from full websites to straightforward landing pages. You can design sales pages, promotional pages, and even custom forms. If you can imagine it, you can design it too with Elementor. Are you already using Elementor? If yes, contact us to share your feedback.. We would like to know about your experience. If not, give it a try today. Make sure, you have a beautiful website with Elementor. Don’t forget to share the blog on your favorite social media.